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Lettering by Abigator Bay Bay Ruthless 💜 Produced, recorded, and mixed by Illslur Mixed, mastered & sparkled by Alter Echo

+++ I like thoughts before they coalesce into “thoughts.”


—Elisa Gabbert

Be fearless in representing your thoughts, they are new today.

—Barbara Guest +++

more than anything, this is my practice on display. the daily moves i make to not dissolve into all the really hard stuff happening. my work of staying afloat. of doing the most with this f’n gift of a life where i literally get to spend time fucking around with loops and raps in a studio in my backyard. electricity pumping 24/7. warm. well fed. healthy. standing here. listening. seeing. and when i lean deep into my own previous2mind space this is what happens. beats and raps come out. so yes to CREWLOVE and inspiring each other and please yes to you doing you in a way that can ripple and help us all, beyond. wishing us all the most time in this space.


Released Nov 17, 2022